New Beginnings

The new SAFDA website will be up and running before the end of 2014. In the mean time for news and any questions, please refer to our Facebook page here


Rise Up in South Africa

Rise Up are coming to SA, see below for an outline of their visits.


Thurs, 23 Jan – Rise Up Captains and Coaches Workshop!

Host: SAFDA (
Contact: Marlise Richter:
Time: 6-10pm
Venue: 210 Long Street, Cape Town
Entry: R100 pp, including 1 free RiseUp Season Pass
Audience: Coaches, Captains and people involved in building Ultimate in the region
Capacity: 20 physical participants & 25 Skype participants
Focus: how to grow Ultimate, motivate your team mates, how to run a good practice session, the importance of captains, leadership and safeguarding SOTG
+Exact time, location, and curriculum to be confirmed 5 days in advance
Registration: here 

Fri, 24 Jan – Rise Up Schools!

Host: CTFDA and Wynberg Boys School
Contacts: Thulie Mayaba <> and Peter Jessop <>
Venue: Wynberg Boys School
Entry: Free
Audience: School coaches and students
Focus: Growing Ultimate at school-level
+Exact time, location, and curriculum to be confirmed 5 days in advance
Registration: Contact Thulie Mayaba <> and Peter Jessop <>

Sun, 26 Jan Rise Up Cape Town!

Host: CTFDA and Ghost Ultimate Club
Contact: Ryan Purcell <> Time: 8am-5pm
Venue: Villager Rugby Club, Claremont
Entry: R200 pp, including 1 free RiseUp Season Pass
Audience: Players in the Western and Eastern Cape interested in honing their Ultimate skills and strategy
Capacity: 40
Focus: Intermediate Drills and Skills (more focused agenda will be based on participant survey responses)
+Exact time, location, and curriculum to be confirmed with participants 5 days in advance
Registration: here
Limited transport support available to participants from the Eastern Cape – please contact your provincial SAFDA rep for details

Wed+Thurs, 29th-30th – Rise Up UCT!

Host: UCT
Contact: Oliver Goosen <>
Time: 12:30-5pm on both days
Venue: UCT fields (probably Woolsack Cricket Field)
Entry: R100 pp, including 1 free RiseUp Season Pass
Audience: UCT and Maties players
Focus: Basic & Intermediate Drills and Skills (more focused agenda will be based on participant survey responses)
+Exact time, location, and curriculum to be confirmed with participants 5 days in advance
Sat, Feb 1st – Rise Up Jozi!
Host: Wits Voodoo Kudus
Contact: Sally Crompton <>
Time: 8am-5pm
Venue: Wits fields
Entry: R200 pp, including 1 free RiseUp Season Pass
Audience: Players in Gauteng, Limpopo and KZN interested in honing their Ultimate skills and strategy
Capacity: 30
Focus: Basic & Intermediate Drills and Skills (more focused agenda will be based on participant survey responses)
Registration: Email Sally
Limited transport support available from SAFDA to participants from Limpopo and KZN – please contact your provincial SAFDA rep for details

SA Ultimate Championships – Just four weeks away!

Ghost Ultimate is hosting the latest addition to Ultimate Tournaments in South Africa. See below for more information on the tournament which will be the first of its kind in the country.


1) Team Registration a. Captains please complete this form by Thursday, November 14th – Just one submission per team, please!

2) Rosters a. Roster deadline Thursday, November 21st b. Rostering submission information to be shared directly with team Captains after they have submitted the Team Registration form

3) Fees a. R250 player fee, no team fee, payments due by Thursday, November 21st b. 25% discount for all players entering their first SAFDA tournament OR traveling from outside the Western Cape to the tournament c. Payment details will be shared with team captains after submitting Team Registration form

4) Schedules and Formats a. Preliminary format submitted to team captains for feedback by Monday, November 18th b. Final schedule released by Friday, November 22nd

Questions? Please send a note to Cheers. -SA Champs TOC

Rocktober 2013: The Students Strike Back

SAFDA Congratulates UCT on their epic Rocktober this year. Rocktober 2013 saw UCT rise to the occasion and battle it out in the finals against the Long Donkeys. The below is written by UCT’s Co-captain Nick Zaloumis. You can find UCT on facebook here.

Build Up

UCT Ultimate was enthusiastic about the prospect of the Rocktober Season with the possibility of sending two full teams. Unfortunately due to Rocking the Daisies we were only able to send one team to compete in Johannesburg. The UCT Tigers was a strong, athletic and enthusiastic 16 player team. Five more players joined Maties to bolster their numbers. No-one ever thought that our two rival universities would be supporting each other on the side-lines.

UCT Tigers were excited about this tournament; knowing that with some hard work and commitment we could be heavyweight contenders for the finals. Starting with 6 women we suffered two early foot injuries. We reached the tournament with 5 and then Talora went down just ten minutes before our 1st game.


Despite these initial loses we maintained a positive attitude and it was time to play Ultimate.

Day 1

Our first match up against WITS saw some exciting play from the relatively new club, and some serious improvement from their national’s performance. After a 2 all start, the end result was 13 -2 to UCT, using this game as a warm up for what was to come next.

Playing any Ultitude team is always a challenge and we knew going in that they were an experienced outfit. Trading points in the start eventually saw U-GO take it away at half with a 7 – 5 lead. The shock of this allowed us to re-focus and we were able to get back into the match. With the help of some great D, a great zone and an unstoppable and smooth counter attack we took the game in soft cap 9 – 7.

The close game with U-GO meant we came out with all guns firing against the Bunnies, a side we had not played in a long time. Bunnies played hard with some excellent D’s and with some tremendous play on O. The end result was 13 – 4 to UCT Tigers. Bunnies are an upcoming team; we look forward to the rematch.

The last game of the day saw us take on arch rivals and best friends, Maties (with UCTU flavour). Both teams were battle hardened by the days play (ie. Heat exhausted). Our skill and experience was useful in this case to take a 6 – 0 lead. Maties, using stores of energy that they did not know they had, got back in the game and UCT was unable to re-focus with some sloppy play and several easy and unnecessary throw-aways. This nearly cost us the game. The next thing we knew it was 11 – 9. Luckily, an exhausted UCT pushed on and got the score and the next D to finish the game. 13 – 9.

It was rest time for most of our team. Thuli, Christine and Eleanor played in the women’s showcase, making UCT proud with some great D and epic O play. Shout out to Eleanor’s Layout of the tournament. Our guys, Oli, Niell and Nick all fought hard in the Open showcase.

It was time for party! Well, mostly drinking, Karaoke and the Jumping castle incident. A predominately exhausted team mingled and enjoyed some serious chill time. Those with some spare energy took advantage of the bouncy castle and won the tournament flip cup competition against Bunnies.

Day 2

The next morning we played the Mozambique team, Da bique. Readying ourselves for the reigning tournament champions of SA, Ghost, we gave them very little. 13 – 2. It was a great, fun and a spirited game.

What we had been training for: The ghost match up.

The team was pumped and ready to rumble, but we had to control those Jitters. Our leading players managed to get our team to the line with a kind of calm and focus to hone the skills that UCT is capable off. Although we went down 3 – 1 to start, we were able to bring it back and more. Some very impressive defence all-round and an unbeatable offence took the half in our favour 7 – 4. We had to keep that calm and focus and bring it into the second half – a tough feat for a younger and less experienced team… and we pulled it off. Ghost, however, never gave up and we didn’t feel like we had won this until we scored that last point. At 12 – 7 there was some serious celebration, some having thought we had just scored the winning point. It was two points later at 13 – 8 that UCT-Tigers made the final score and celebrated a great win, a great game and some seriously great competitive spirit. It will be a match to remember and showed that high level ultimate can be extremely spirited, no-matter where it is played. UCT Tigers had earned their first ever finals match up.


The final game saw our team match up against the Long Donkey’s from Pietermaritzburg. Always a team that plays their hardest from the get go. Their unconventional playing style and their height always an advantage that cannot be ignored. At the start we could not adapt fast enough to the new zone style defence Donkey’s threw at us and before we knew it we were trailing seriously behind.

UCT does not give up that easily. It was time to go big or go home. Waking up (alas a bit late) UCT upped our ante and managed to stay in the game and at 10 – 7 anything was possible. Niell Strydom played the game of his life showing UCT the way to break down their zone and a great layout by Christine Moore encouraged further fire in our ranks. Alas it was not to be – even with a great defence and 100% from the entire team the gap had just been too much for us. With soft cap announced at 12 – 8 it was game to 14 and Donkeys were not giving us anything and with that they earned a great win in an exciting and emotional final, 14 – 8.

UCT played their hearts out and it was with pride and some tears that we walked off the field. Starting this year off from behind to finish 3rd at Nationals and 2nd at Rocktober no-longer places UCT as an underdog team. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to the love of the sport, the development of the sport in SA, and the combination of Spirit of the Game with highly competitive and exciting ultimate.


Thank you Joburg for a fantastic tournament. Very well done!

A shout out to Savanna for being our team mum and for joining us regardless of injury, would have loved you on the field with us, but your support on the side was amazing. The Gerhard and Massyn families for your support, for more lifts, bedding and even more food – always needed.



WITs (JHB) W 13 – 2
Ultitude – Golden Oldies (JHB) W 9 – 7
Prawn Bunnies (Durb) W 13 – 4
Maties (Stell) W 13 – 9
Da Bique (Moz) W 13 – 2
Ghost (CT) W 13 – 8
Long Donkeys (PMB) L 8 – 14

RECORD 6 – 1 W – L


From a Bunny’s Perspective – A Rocktober Review

The following is written by Doug who co-captained the Prawn Bunnies at Rocktober 2013. SAFDA Congratulates the Bunnies on their 6th place at Rocktober 2013.

“I have a wedding to go to”. And that was it, we did not have enough girls to go to the tournament. 10 guys were left standing at the altar. But then a message of hope came from afar: Two lovely ladies were looking for team to join, and the Prawn Bunnies snapped them up. Rocktober was a GO!


Our first game was against a fit and fast Maties. We had heard that they had upped their training regime and it certainly showed on the field. We traded points and ended up on 7 each at soft cap. Despite the lack of wind, the brains trust decided to throw a cup and it came off very well, leaving the Maties handlers with few options. We took the next 2 points without a sweat and won the game 9-7.

Our second game was a much tougher assignment as we faced former winners Ghost. With some slick offence and a couple great skies, we found ourselves 3-1 up. Despite the early lead, Ghost’s heavy hitters remained on the side-line. They eventually brought it back to 4 a piece with patient disc. Ghost’s zone defence cramped up our handlers and they established a lead we could not surpass. While the final score-line was 10-6, we felt we had done ourselves proud.

The heat of the Highveld was at its worst for our third game of the day against UCT. With the temperature in the low 30’s, both teams toiled hard for points. Our leaky man defence was eventually put to the sword and the youngsters raced away to a 13-4 victory. Mentally, we were just not in that game.

Our final game saw us take on the newly formed Wits team. The bye and the much cooler afternoon air left us feeling refreshed, and it showed on the field. The inexperienced Wits handlers could not deal with our cup defence and we forced turnover after turnover, racing to an 11-0 lead. Eventually, some miscommunication and fast offence from Wits lead to their only point much to the joy of the Wits side line. Final score: 13-1.


A much appreciated bye made sure we were well rested before we faced a spirited and fast Mozambique outfit. We exchanged points early on, but our cup defence started to expose Mozambique’s lack of handlers and the turnovers began to rack up. We finished strong with some great hucks leading to a 10-5 final score.

Next up were the Golden Oldies. This team had more experience than Jake Whites World Cup winning side and quality all over the field. We were nervous. Thankfully, the wind was starting to pick up which played into the hands of our cup. Initially, they worked our cup around effortlessly using 4 handlers and the odd popper. They made it look so easy. But yet again, our stoic cup began to force sketchy throws which saw us score a couple upwind points. We lead into soft cap where there was a much disputed time out call by a Bunny which left the side line outraged, but it was within the rules. We scored that point and never looked back. We beat the grizzly oldies 11-6.

In our final game of the tournament, we faced a much improved Polokwane outfit in the 5th/6th place playoff. Three years ago they had one player who kind of knew the rules and a lot of cutters chasing errand throws. But this year, they meant business. It seemed we were always chasing the game, with tons of accurate hammers turning our cup around and leading to easy scores. Our tired legs lead to an over reliance on our long game which was nevertheless keeping us in touch on the scoreboard. Hardcap was reached and we played universal point where we pulled to them and set up our cup one last time. Patient disc saw Polokwane eke out a memorable 11-10 win with, you guessed it, a hammer into the endzone.

In Summary

Considering  The Prawn Bunnies were already down on personnel even before they suffered early injuries to important players, we did ourselves proud. I am sure there would have been many questioning our stunning 6th place finish at Nationals in April. This performance has backed it up and we will continue our upward trend.

There are a few players who deserve a special mention. Cathy Pineo unfortunately tore a ligament in the very first game, but she made herself part of the team and was a constant source of support. The rest of our girls, Amy Bray, Joy Waddle and Ella Alcock ran their hearts out and were still smiling at the end of the day. Hats off to you ladies, you were superb. Finally, congratulations to Jarrod Banks and Amy Bray on winning MVP Male & Female of the Tournament respectively.

Which this space: There is much more to come from the Prawn Bunnies.


October 5, 2013 Maties (Stell) W 9-7
October 5, 2013 Ghost Ultimate Club L 6-10
October 5, 2013 UCTU Tigers L 4-13
October 5, 2013 Wits (JHB) W 13-1
October 6, 2013 Da Bique (Moz) W 10-5
October 6, 2013 UGO W 11-6
October 6, 2013 Ultimates (LP) L 10-11

Goals scored 63
Goals allowed 53

Rocktober 2013: A Recap By The Long Donkeys

SAFDA Congratulates the Long Donkeys from Pietermaritzburg on winning Rocktober 2013, below is an account of the tournament written by the Donkeys, like their facebook page here.

As a result of the Cape Town and JHB Teams having created full leagues and weekly competitive games, it became clear that the KZN teams needed to up our games. With that in mind we held 1 Tournament Mix It Up (in PMB) and 2 KZN Practices mixing both the Durban Bunnies and PMB Long Donkeys players in order to try add some variety in our play and individual skills. These events were extremely productive and helpful, especially for the new players who had never experienced Tournament type gameplay.

Going into the Tournament (Rocktober 2013) we had no pre-expectations due to our 2013 Nationals (EL) and 2012 Rocktober (CT) relative average performances and standing of 3rd and 4th respectively.

Day 1: Saturday
Our 1st game of the day vs Labradores a new team from PTA started very shaky with them pulling away to a 2-0 lead, then shock bought sanity to our game and spurred on a 13-3 win for us.
2nd game vs Paddy Cakes (GP) began with again a little shaky by a more controlled offence and resilient defence gave us a 13-3 win.
3rd game arguably our biggest for the day vs Salusa 45 started with a few points being traded until a few crucial drops by their offence allowed a run of 5 unanswered points giving us a 13-5 victory.
4th game vs Ultimates (Polokwane) was unfortunately scheduled at the same time as SA v NZ rugby and out team wanting a quick victory to wrap up the day. Ultimates were clearly not informed of this plan and proceeded to play an unexpected expansive and hammer filled game, we rallied at the end to pull away with a 13-7 victory.

Day 2: Sunday
5th game vs Rangers (JHB) started off fast paced but fortunately for us and unfortunately for them they had a double header with us the 2nd game of the morning and the pace and our defence combing to pull away at the end for a 13-3 victory.
6th game vs Chilli (CT) practically a semi-final game, as both teams were at this point undefeated at the tournament. The game began with our team pulling away to a 7-3 half time score when the Chilli team pulled back 2 quick points at the beginning of the 2nd half when Al Presidente (Alastair) and Ground Hog (Darren) combined for a crucial 8th point breaking a mini run by Chilli and allowing our team to regain confidence and take the game 13-5.

7th game vs UCT Tigers started with an unexpected 6-0 run from our team giving us a very nice buffer for what was an energetic attempt to recover the deficit by UCT. As this was the Final the game was extended to 17 points and or 75 min (soft cap) 100 min (Hard Cap), we could not sit back and expect to cruise in from here. While trading points turned out to be the order of the day from there on out it was not a crushing victory but our team took it at the end 14-8.

The Long Donkeys Girls playing out of their socks, and special mention to Pia Stein (age 12) participating in her 1st Tournament. The Long Donkeys as individuals and as a team stepping up and everyone contributing to the overall VICTORY and tournament Championship, and Al Presidente for being a good sport over the weekend.

Many thanks to the Rocktober 2013 organising committee (not an easy task) and to the teams that supported us throughout the tournament especially the Prawn Bunnies and Ultimates.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated we look forward to the next epic chapter in SA Ultimate.

Labradors (Pretoria) W 13-3
Paddy Cakes (GP) W 13-3
Salusa 45 W 13-5
Ultimates (LP) W 13-7
Rangers (JHB) W 13-3
Chilli (CT) W 13-5
UCTU Tigers W 14-8


Rocktober 2013: Bring the Party!

October is silently, slowing inching towards its vertex. Ultimate players are packing bags, ironing uniforms and practising game faces in steamy bathroom mirrors.

Joburg Metro Police are readying their bluelight formations for escorting auspicious players from North (Polokwane!, Pretoria!) from South (Durban! Cape Town! Stellenbosch!), from East (Mozambique!) and from West (ermm…spectators from Kimberley!) The Rocktober Tournament is neigh and Joburg-based players led by the TOC, have been preparing up a storm, while 14 cool teams are gritting their teeth, studying the schedule and penning notes.

To add to this posse, SAFDA will be sponsoring the new Bring-the-Party Award, to be handed over, with resounding applause, at the prize-giving. By Sunday afternoon just before the Final, each team will be requested to nominate one team that was the “most fun, creative and/or innovative, and had the greatest stamina and staying power” during the whole weekend (logistics for nomination will be explained at the captains meeting) Importantly, this award is to be distinguished from the Spirit of Game (SOTG) prize, also awarded at the prize-giving: SOTG scores should be based on what happens between the first Pull and the last point of a particular match, and are determined by WFDF SOTG guidelines and knowledge of the rules.

SOTG scores for the tourney will be tallied and published on the SAFDA and Rocktober websites and other social media, together with the final tournament rankings. The Bring-the-Party Award focuses on the amazing activities beyond the actual matches that make Ultimate tourneys unique – mascots, team gear, songs, huddle games, riddles, Party participation, dress-up, quality of karaoke renditions.

You name it, Ultimate’s got it. Who will be the 1st ever winning team to take away this prize? Start plotting your Bring-The-Party strategy…. See you in Jozi!

Rocktober 2013: The Twilight Zone

Rocktober 2013 is taking place in Johannesburg on the weekend of the 5th & 6th October. This year sees 16 teams participating and the weekend promises to be an eventful one. For more information please go to their website here.

Mother City Invitational

If there is no other reason to host an ultimate tournament in Cape Town in March, it should suffice that… well… Cape Town is freaking awesome in March! Even the renowned South Easter takes a rest, leaving the disc in our hands and not on the next field. Seven teams took to Villagers FC on 2-3 March: the rosters included a wide range of players, ranging from ultra-experienced to complete novice.

The only travelling team, Slug and Raven (a composite of Johannesburg players and East-coasters)  charged through the tournament to meet local squad Chilli in the final. The visitors’ skill and spirit earned the enthusiastic support of the capetonian crowd, who were in for a treat with the feisty battle that ensued. Amidst much cheering and obligatory heckling, Chilli took the game on universal point.


Intervarsity Ultimate – a first for South Africa

The morning of 1 Sept 2012 saw the first clash between two South African university teams – age-old rivals who on this day added ultimate to their many other battle grounds. UCT, the home team, have a reputation for development of quality players and have for some years been a force to be reckoned with. Maties, formerly Stellenbosch Ultimate, were in their first year of (re)birth as a Stellenbosch University-associated club and brought a mixture of experienced players and fresh recruits from their own student pool.

A hard-fought game ensued, with both teams carrying the pride of their respective universities – all the while upholding fiercely the great spirit of the game both teams are known for. Maties defense held up well against UCT’s slick offense, but UCT’s superior training showed in their ability to capitalize on turn-overs. The talented, well-oiled UCT Flying Tigers took the game 17-9 against the fiery-spirited Maties squad.


WUGC 2012 – Sakai, Japan

Two teams represented South Africa at the World Ultimate & Guts Championships at J-Green sports centre in Sakai, Japan, from 7-14 July 2012. Players took the heat & humidity in their stride and embraced seven long days of training, playing, watching and talking ultimate.

The sleek Mambas finished 13th in the Open division!

The Mzanzi Marakas finished 15th in the Mixed division and brought home the coveted Spirit of the Game medal!






South African Online Disc Shop

South Africa now has an online disc store specifically catering for Ultimate players. The vision of the store owners is to see Ultimate growth as a sport in RSA and that can’t happen without Ultimate Discs. The store was opened so that any aspiring player can have access to a proper disc, always.

Discs cost R140 and are delivered for free in the Cape Town area. Deliveries to the rest of South Africa costs R20.

The majority of stock is 175g Discraft Ultra-Star discs.

Feel free to visit and use the website at

To help create an online social media presence, go like the facebook page at

Support from the Ultimate community is needed to make this venture a success.

In the spirit of the game

Mozambique Ultimate

Mozambique Ultimate has been quietly growing a solid core of players over the last few years and they usually create tough games when visiting tournaments in South Africa. The best thing about Moz Ultimate is their Xefina tournament that usually happens around July each year. Find them through their website HERE or their Facebook.

SA Ultimate Nationals DVD

Hey people, get your hands on the Nationals 2012 DVD!

The Standard version comes as a 2 disc set that has highlights of 27 games from the tournament. A Premium version is available which includes an additional 2 disc, each with the full game of your choice! The list of games that were filmed is as follows

Day 1

  • L Donkeys vs Chilli B
  • Ghost vs H’ heads
  • P Bunny vs Salusa
  • Ulti Sic vs UCT CCC
  • L Donkeys vs Ulti Air
  • Ghost vs UCT Tigers
  • Khayoba vs Salusa
  • Chilli A vs UCT CCC
  • Chilli B vs Ulti Air
  • UCT Tigers vs H’heads
  • Khayoba vs P Bunny
  • Chilli A vs Ulti Sic
  • Womens Exibition game

Day 2

  • Salusa vs H’heads
  • UCT CCC vs Tygers
  • Khayoba vs Chilli B
  • Tygers vs Ulti Air
  • Khayoba vs Ghost
  • Ulti Sic vs Ulti Air
  • P Bunny vs Rebels
  • Chilli A vs UCT Tigers
  • J Sparrow vs  UCT CCC

Day 3

  • Ulti Air vs H’heads
  • Chilli A vs Khayoba
  • UCT CCC vs Maties
  • Ulti Sic vs UCT Tigers
  • Ghost vs L Donkeys

The Standard set is selling for R140 and the Premium for just R180! Get onto this, buy a few for your friends and family and support the effort that went into filming, editing and packaging the DVD’s.

Get in touch with Anne to place your orders: anne.maftei[at] – if thats not convincing enough then check out this teaser:

SA Ultimate Nationals 2012 Cape Town – Gallery

The 2012 South African Ultimate Championship was held recently in Cape Town on the 27, 28 & 29th April. Professional photographer Peter Heeger was there for Gallo Images to capture the action: Images are available for purchase at their online store,  have a browse through their albums and place your orders. Gallo have been kind enough to let us put up a selection of their photos in our gallery.

[nggallery id=17]

SA Ultimate Nationals 2012 Cape Town – Review

 The South African Ultimate Club Championships is the highlight of the season and the SAFDA event calendar. In the aftermath of the 2012 event, we can safely say that it was one of the most hotly contested Ultimate tournaments ever held in this country. The level of the sport is clearly taking huge leaps forward and we will undoubtedly expect teams from around the country to push even harder for the top honours next year.

The tourney ran over three days of a holiday weekend with Day One featuring Pool Games, Day Two the Playoff Rounds, and Day Three the Final placement games. With 16 teams representing various regions around the country, and over 250 participants taking part in 52 games; the hosts were in for some heavy foot traffic. The fantastic Villagers Football Club in Claremont, home to Ghost Ultimate Club, was the venue for the tournament and provided soft, green pitches and excellent facilities for the players and spectators alike. The club caterers did an amazing job of keeping us all well fed with top quality food, and they also arranged the coffee stand and craft beer tasting by Boston Brewery.
The weather kept us all on our toes with wet mornings, yet somehow it stayed dry through the days. The chilly North wind plagued all teams with strong and gusty conditions which rewarded those with safe hands and patient offence. Zone defence was the order of the weekend which utilised the unpredictable conditions as much as possible. With the brand new implementation of web based scoring, each team updated their games scores live and could check up on the progress of the other games.

Day 1: The 16 teams were seeded into four pools that focused on keeping a balance of different regions across the board. Each team competed in 3 pool games to position themselves going into the playoff rounds. The Pool Rounds finished with only a couple of upsets when Salusa managed to replace Prawn Bunnies as second in Pool A, and Chilli B edged ahead of Ultitude Air in Pool B. Once the scoring filtered through, the playoff games for Day 2 started to take shape and heated discussions began as to who would crack it into the top division. The crowd gathered with beers and food in hand to watch the Women’s Ultimate showcase game which pitted the Cape Town based ladies against the Jo’burg ladies. Ant and Rich added to the vibe with some entertaining commentary as the girls battled for bragging rights under the flood lights.

Day 2: The Crossover Rounds took the 2nd and 3rd placed teams in each pool and matched them up against each other to determine who would be placed into the top and bottom playoff brackets. These were some of the closest games of the tournament with all teams hungry for the chance to finish in Division 1. The Hammerheads from East London and Prawn Bunny from Durban both narrowly missed out on wins against Cape Town teams in this round. The Quarter Finals contained a huge upset when the tournament rookies and 16th seeds, Tygers from Cape Town’s northern suburbs, managed to unseat UCT CarCrashChameleon from their 9th seed and jumped up 7 places. The Semi Final round saw Maties from Stellenbosch move ahead of the East London Rebels, although the major upset was a clash of two familiar Cape Town Summer League teams when 4th seed Ghost managed to beat  top seed and defending champions, Khayoba. The game was incredibly hard fought and an intensely physical battle in very gusty winds that stayed close right down to the last minutes. The showcase game for Day Two was put on by The Mambas, the SA Open team that is heading to compete at the World Champs in July. With a few non-Mambas invited to fill out the lines, the boys put on a show of faster and more chancy, free flowing Ultimate than was expected in the previous matches. The party that followed was a vibrant affair with some interesting dress and a lot of dancing that kept the legs loose. The UCT crowd and Prawn Bunny got the party going early and Ghost showed up in coordinated white coveralls… however huge respect is owed to the Salusa team who needed to be pushed out the door at the end of the evening and still showed up to play the next day.

Day 3: Finals day dawned with another wet and gloomy morning and each team had their reputations to fight for in the placement games of the tournament. The intensity was evident from the start where three of the first four games were won by only one point, the rest of the games also showing a marginal points difference. The Hammerheads fought through a really tough game against Ultitude Air to gain the top place in Division 2 and win the Plate Trophy in its inaugural year, we look forward to seeing what this team brings next year when they host Nationals 2013. Ultitude Sic represented the Gauteng teams holding off the UCT Flying Tigers to finish in 5th. Ex-championship winners Chilli while suffering from a list of injuries pulled through to claim 3rd from the hungry grasp of Khayoba.

Multiple finalists and one of the oldest clubs in SA, the Long Donkeys from Pietermaritzburg have earned the formidable reputation of being “the team to beat” at any South African tournament they enter. Tall and athletic, with a dynamic offence and crushing zone defence, their stats of wins to losses would easily trump any other team in the country, a world apart from the newly formed Ghost Ultimate Club that met them in the final. Ghost was born from the merging of players from Zebru and Khayoba that competed under the name 1Up before deciding to establish a formal club in Cape Town. As the host club of the tournament, Ghost had everything to prove going into the tournament, and they worked as a disciplined unit to gain a place in the final versus the Long Donkeys.

The game got off to a firey start with a quick points exchange as the two teams tested out their opponents strategy for the game. The gusty wind strengthened the Donkeys zone defence however it also seemed to thwart the devastating Donkeys deep game when long floating hucks would frequently veer off course for a turnover. With Ghost also setting a zone defence against the Donkeys were forced to play a shorter game with more passes; a style preferred by the home team. The teams exchanged short runs of points up to half time with Ghost a few points in the lead, however in the second half the momentum shifted to favour Ghost. The local team seemed to settle down into a solid game of focused passing that weaved the disc patiently through the opposition defence, and shut down their key players on offence. The Donkeys held the game in play until the time cap was implemented, however Ghost had gained enough of a lead to take the final and win the 2012 championship trophy.

A voting panel of judges from three different regions and teams decided on a male and female player of the match, awarded to Anne Maftei and Alan Hoyt of Ghost. Other awards presented went to the top assists and scores for men and women, as well as the team prize for Spirit of the Game. (points averaged since some teams played less games)
Assists: Ryan Purcell (Ghost) – average 5.8/game
Scores: Keanan Basson (Chilli B) – average 4.3/game
Women Assists: Teena Sebastian (Ultitude Air) – average 1.9/game
Women Scores: Rebecca Kershow (Khayoba) – average 1.7/game
Spirit Award: UCT CarCrashChameleon – average 17.29 (out of 20) /game

A huge round of thanks must go out to all that helped make this tournament one of the best that SA Ultimate has ever held:
Villagers FC (Dave, Anton, Hendre and Martin) for providing a top notch venue and catering, Rob Lloyd who sat patiently at the central desk answering questions and making sure things ran smoothly, Dylan Kime for building the live scoring website, Sport Unlimited for sponsoring awesome prizes, 100Plus for sponsoring excellent hydration, UltiVillage for sponsoring prizes, Nexus-Net for providing free internet all weekend, and finally the Tournament Organising Committee: James Moolenschot, Anne Maftei, Finn de Haan and Paul Vicars, who all poured many hours into the tourney preparation and planning.

Tournament geeks can check out the detailed results schedule here: Nationals 2012 Results

Back L-R: James Moolenschot, Finn de Haan, Darren Welman, Trevor Pols, Brad Rawlings, Corne von Bratt, Thaine Sasman, Noah Schermbrucker, Alan Hoyt, Paul Vicars, Seth Tilanus, Jason Buch – Front L-R: Ryan Purcell, Christine Moore, Alicia LeClair, Anne Maftei, Alice Bauman, Nicola Fryer, Katie Huston, Brianna Mersey

 Final Placing:
1. Ghost Ultimate Club– Cape Town
2. Long Donkeys – Pietermaritzburg
3. Chilli – Cape Town
4. Khayoba – Cape Town
5. Ultitude Sic – Johannesburg
6. UCT Flying Tigers – Cape Town
7. Salusa – Cape Town
8. Chilli B – Cape Town
9. Hammerheads – East London
10. Ultitude Air – Johannesburg
11. Prawn Bunny – Durban
12. Tygers – Cape Town
13. Maties – Stellenbosch
14. UCT CarCrashChameleon – Cape Town
15. Rebels – East London
16. Jack Sparrow – Johannesburg

Spirit of the Game (average/20):

UCT CCC          17.29
Ultitude Air   16.57
L. Donkeys    16
Chilli A            15.83
Tygers             15.67
Chilli B             15.5
Maties             15.33
UCT Tigers    15.29
P. Bunny        15
Salusa             14.43
H.heads         14
Khayoba       14
Ultitude Sic  13.67
J. Sparrow   13.25
Ghost             11.4
Rebels           11.4

Nationals 2012 Update

Nationals is just 11 days away and things are heating up in Cape Town in anticipation of the biggest tournament of the year. There are a few notifications for the community in case you haven’t been notified by your team captain or representative.
We still have accommodation available for players struggling to find affordable digs, you just have to send in your roster with the relevant sections filled in. First come, first accommodated.

Check out the Tournament schedule, which has been set to avoid same-region match ups as much as possible while maintaining an accurate seeding. Click HERE: Schedule Nationals 2012 Final

The party is for over 18’s only, so any under age players on your team need to make arrangements for after 8pm on Saturday. The theme is Black and White! and has been chosen to be flexible and easy to manage for travelling teams. We encourage all teams to get creative and come dressed up. There will be a prize for the team that wins the party…
Nationals will fall under the current WFDF rules which are available here:
We expect all teams to make sure that they are familiar with these rules to ensure a more enjoyable experience for all.
In order to help the event run smoothly, players are encouraged to meet at the venue on Thursday evening to sign themselves into the tournament and collect their player packs. It will be possible to sign in on Friday morning, however, any player that has not signed the indemnity form will not be allowed to play in the tournament until they do.
See you all soon!
Nats 2012 TOC